Delbag FireTex - Technology

Products with very good fire retardant features

The FireTex line of encompasses filters which greatly reduce the fire hazards and consequently protect processes and human lives.


    Filter mat 1704 FireTex®, 1000 series, Filter class G4
    Filter mat 1705 FireTex®,
    1000 series, Filter class M5
    Filter mat 1805 FireTex®,
    1000 series, Filter class M5


    Synthetic Bag Filter fleece 4705-FireTex®,
    4000 series, Filter class M5
    Synthetic Bag Filter fleece 4706-FireTex®,
    4000 series, Filter class M6

    Pulse filter cartridges MultiPuls-W-FireTex – Dedusting
In an array of industrial processes as for instance, welding or grinding of metals in the automotive industry, in foundries or steel mills, the fire hazard is omnipresent. FireTex filters are fire resistant, do not emit smoke and do not drop of when in contact with flames.

The well renowned test laboratory DMT has successfully tested FireTex filter media and has accredited the FireTex filter media in accordance with DIN EN 45545-2 (requirement approach R5, hazard grade HL3) and DIN 4102-1 (B1). The FireTex filter media was additionally tested for toxicity and certified according to DIN EN ISO 5659-2.

The special treatment of FireTex filter media products has no influence on the pressure drop or the dust holding capacity of the filter garment.

FireTex products are already used in Delbag MultiClean duct air filter and Delbag MultiMasterVario as well as in Delbag EuroJet-cartridge deduster.
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