Private and small spas

Feel-good climate in a private atmosphere

A dream house with a swimming pool – the fascination of planning the pool size, tiling colours, and interior design. But it pays to think about the climate at an early stage, because it largely determines how comfortable you later feel in your wellness oasis.  If the designer plans air dehumidification or climate control, he knows that private swimming pools have long intermediate periods when they are not in use. This is taken into account in the design, since during this time the units can reproduce the indoor climate and thus prevent mildew infestation of the building substance. If you want to use your pool primarily for sport and like to swim your laps through the length of the basin, then it is sufficient to install a cabinet unit in the vicinity of the pool itself. If the swimming pool is also to provide a comfortable atmosphere for longer stays, then rear wall installations or a central arrangement are certainly an idea worth considering. Different routes can lead to feel-good climate in the wellness area.

The F800 is suitable for the typical prevailing conditions (28 °C in the water, 30 °C in the air and 55 % rel. humidity) of the home pool for a basin with approx. 40 m2 area. Thanks to its splashproof construction (safety protection class IPX5), the F800 can be set up in even relatively close proximity to the pool edge (VDI 0100, protected zone). With about 29 cm depth, it does not takes up much space. Optional components – for instance auxiliary heating – ensure a comfortable climate, for instance by operation with a fresh air rate.

As a central air-handling unit for recirculated air, with heat pump and electronic control system, the CAIRfricostar® CAU represents a compact solution with a small footprint. It offers an air-handling capacity of 750 to 4100 m³/h. A remote-control unit in the indoor pool controls the humidity level and the functions of the system. Supply and exhaust air for the pool are moved through two air ducts, supplied by the customer. The CAIR® enclosure ensures a low noise level, and installation in a machine room means that the system is virtually invisible. In short: a very favourable introduction to central air handling.

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