Standard Systems

Standard solutions are characterized by dimensionally matched modular configurations. All modules can be easily combined and extended by further standard components such as weather hoods, droplet eliminators, anti icing systems, sound attenuators, and connecting air ducts.


    MultiMaster-Vario duct air filter module

    MultiMaster-Vario duct air filter with infrared anti-icing
    The MultiMaster-Vario universal duct air filter enables individual solutions for a great number and variety of application areas. The system is equipped with static filters such as filter mats, bag filters, filter elements, and roll filters. G4 to H13 filter classes can be implemented. Thanks to innovative structural design, the housings provide very great stability and long service life.

    PowerTower pulse filter module

    PowerTower pulse filter (cross flow)
    With the PowerTower standard pulse filter system, the technical benefits of pulse filter cartridges can be economically implemented even for small air volumes. As a result, the PowerTower is especially used for engines and relatively small compressors. This development can be equipped with either horizontally or vertically suspended cartridges, as required. With the hanging cartridges, apron panels assure sufficient coverage. In the horizontal models, droplet eliminators are integrated as standard in the intake opening.

    RotaClean rotary oil bath filter module

    RotaClean rotary oil bath filter
    RotaClean rotary oil bath filters are primarily used for filtration of coarse dust from the combustion air of diesel engines – also under the most difficult of environmental conditions. Oil-moistened filter panels provide effective and safe separation of dust. These filters are especially economical owing to their low maintenance and operating costs.


    The extremely sturdy frame structure has an upper roll-out unit in which the fresh filter roll is installed. The lower roll-in unit winds up the depleted (dirty) filter roll.

    The high-quality RolloMat filter rolls from filter grade G3 (in accordance with EN 779) continuously filter the air with a low level of maintenance.

    The RolloTronic filter control system is equipped with the very latest in electronics and offers all functions for automatic operation of the RolloMat: with pressure-difference display, filter-roll monitoring, and feed of the filter roll. A sturdy double worm gear with flange-mounted three-phase AC motor provides the feed of the filter rolls.

    - Areas of application: as prefilters, for coarse separation functions in HVAC systems, as well as in filtration of process air
    - Air flow: up to max. 500,000 m³/h
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