Not too hot and not too cold

When producers temptingly cover luscious cookie filling with chocolate, precise temperature control is absolutely necessary. Only this will ensure perfect application of the sweet, darkmass – with creation of the gentle wavy structure of the appetizing and silky glossy chocolate surface. Just the very sight of it makes your mouth water: delicate chocolate encases a crunchy cookie core, creamy bars, or other sweet temptations. The appealing appearance depends in good part onthe right ambient air. If the room temperature is too cold, the chocolate mass becomes tough. If too warm, only a tiny thin chocolate cover would be possible. 
To assure that a chocolate cover absolutely succeeds, HVAC systems must keep the temperature constant: for example, in the production of Mars products in the Netherlands. These systems feature heater and cooler banks. As are the other components of the units, these heat exchangers are easily accessible and can be cleaned from two sides. The use of stainless steel for essential components also simplifies regular cleaning, and enhances hygienic conditions. In the bakery, where the crunchy cookie fillings of sweet snacks are created, the HVAC units are not required to be able to heat. Here instead, the air cools by gently sweeping past the freshly baked products. To remove spent air from the hall, special ​DencoHappel exhaust-air fans are used, with motors installed outside the air flow. This prevents tiny cookie or nut particles floating in the air fromsoiling the motors

Special solutions for continous operation:
  • DencoHappel exhaust-air fans for roof installation
  • Installation of the motor outside the air flow, for reliable operation
  • Enclosures that are easy to open for maintenance
  • Integration of the control system for the extraction units into the overall HVAC plant
  • Availability of various sizes for demand driven selection

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