Delbag® MC-B Frame

Small cross-section for large air volume. These modules consist of powder-coated steel or stainless steel. Separate stainless-steel clamping frames secure and immobilize the filter inserts. Several modules can be screwed together to form one filter wall


    MC-B mounting module

    Areas of application: Separation of oil mist and emulsion mist, separation of dust in medium concentrations, intake air for pumps, fans, and gas turbines. Filter grades: G3 to F9. Air flow: 3,000 – 500,000 m³/h.

    MultiPack, Filter classes M6, F7, F9

    The steel frame is corrosion-resistant as a result of an RAL 9011 surface finish. In the system frame, the filter inserts are inserted with a magnetic-strip seal, in V shape. The pleated filter packs are glued airtight in a moisture-resistant carton frame.

    MultiPress wall frame

    Areas of application: Separation of dust and microorganisms. Filter grades: F7 to F9, E10 to H13. Air flow: 3,000 – 156,000 m³/h.
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