Precision Air Conditioning

DENCO® Close Control

Precision climate control is not just a description to us: it is a promise. A promise that we can keep on the basis of our many years of experience, in data centers, in archives & libraries, in machine rooms and many specialist environments.






Outdoor Units

All systems in the DENCO portfolio of products mean the following: exact cooling with precision of one degree Celsius; precise maintenance of relative humidity; and reliability, space saving, and energy-efficient climate control solutions.  We have a long and successfully history of our units operating in traditional computer cooling and can use this knowledge to a variety of applications.  Our units work for high sensible cooling (i.e. Sensible Heat Ratio = 1) to maximize the efficiency and energy savings they can give you.

DENCO precision climate-control systems satisfy the more stringent specifications in data centers and telecommunications facilities. They can enable reliable operations and continuous availability of IT systems. All climate-control systems in the DENCO portfolio satisfy temperature requirements, can maintain constant humidity levels to prevent heat-related malfunctions and premature aging of equipment. Laboratories, precision manufacturer, libraries, archives and any environment that requires accurate and precise control of their climate, can benefit by investing in the quality manufactured within each DENCO product.

We manufacture air treatment systems, can support these products while they are in service, guide planners in project engineering to obtain optimal climate control and air routing, and test our products in our own laboratories and measurement centers under real operating conditions. Our technicians check the performance capability of the equipment, simulate and verify the air flow at the installation site, in addition to much more. As a result, our customers always receive a technologically mature and tested product that, moreover, has been manufactured in accordance with DIN ISO 9001.

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