Delbag® MultiClean

Two compact-design models are available: MultiClean KLG and KLH.



Air- and oil-tight welded enclosures are available, made of coated normal steel or stainless steel.
Operational pressure: +1,000 Pa / –2,000 Pa, with reinforced versions for +20,000 Pa /
–50,000 Pa. Explosion-pressure-shock resistant versions with explosion-reduced pressure (Pred) up to 1.0 bar.

MultiClean KLG can be equipped with filters up to filter grade M5, with a maximum of 3 stages.
MultiClean KLH can be fitted with up to 4 different filter stages, up to filter grade H13.
A large selection is available of coarse-dust filters, aerosol separators, as well as metal, fine-dust, and HEPA filters.

Also available are connection fittings, weather-protection louvers, control units, as well as additional accessories.

  • Air flow: 1,200 to max. 49,000 m³/h
  • Areas of application: separation of coarse, fine, and particulate dust, as well as oil and emulsion mist. For applications involving intake and exhaust air filtration.
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