Delbag® MultiMaster-Vario

A modular air-duct filter system with universal spectrum of application. This system can intelligently combine mechanical filter media, roll filters, electrostatic precipitators, and activated-carbon filters.



The modular air-duct filter system makes it possible to install only the filter modules with functional components – or to install a complete filter system with enclosure and base plate or drain pan. The enclosure consists of steel (2 mm zinc-plated, or 3 mm with power coating) or stainless steel, depending on application requirements.

The user has the following choice of filter systems:

  • Wall frames with the required filter inserts
  • Roll filters
  • Electrostatic precipitators with and without washing facility
  • MultiCase Box filter mounting systems
  • Activated carbon cartridges
  • HEPA filters

Standard fans are available with airflow throughput up to 30,000 m³/h, with total pressure up to 2,000 Pa.

  • Air flow: to max. 400,000 m³/h (according to application)
  • Areas of application: extensive fields of application, including extraction of process air, air conditioning, air supply and exhaust for factory-floor facilities, as well as intake-air filters for gas turbines, compressors, and diesel and gas motors. For the separation of dry and liquid aerosols.
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