Delbag® Glove-box and Copular Air Filters

The glove-box filter systems DKA - DKD are employed for separation of dust and gaseous pollutants from air used in production processes and breathed in by humans. COPULAR air filters with, one or two connection fittings, are primarily used for purification of air exhausted from glove boxes used in the nuclear and chemical industries, and in laboratories. The highefficiency submicron particulate air filter element (HEPA) cannot be exchanged.


    Glove-box filters

    The glove-box filters satisfy the most stringent of separation requirements (e.g., in accordance with HEPA standards). Combination with activated-carbon filters.

    Areas of application: Disinfection cabinets, sterilization units, isolation boxes, glove boxes, laboratory exhaust, photo laboratories, ventilation of drinking-water tanks, facilities for fermentation processes and yeast production.

    Copular air filter CKL

    Copular air filters, model CKL, are used wherever special protective measures are required against pathogenic pollutants in exhaust air. An exchange technique with protective bags enables filter replacement without contamination.

    Areas of application: Purification of the air exhausted from glove boxes in chemical and nuclear industries and laboratories.
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