Air-intake systems

In addition to the parameters specific to the plant in which filter systems are being installed, climate conditions and dust concentrations play a major role in the selection of filters. Tables are available to simplify the correct selection of the optimal filter system.

A great number of filter media are available in the selection of the filter system best suited for a particular plant. These media include filter cartridges, filter mats, and special filter elements:  each medium with the appropriate installation and mounting components. Special products are likewise available to meet particular customer requirements.

In addition to particle separation, supplementary treatment of the air also plays a key role. Major systems involved here include anti-icing and coalescer systems, as well as evaporative cooling towers.

Implementation of Delbag® air-intake systems requires optimal design of the following core elements:  air filters, supplementary air-treatment units, and the structural design of the systems. In addition, however, essential design aspects also include acoustic design, noise suppressors, air ducts, control systems, and system accessories.

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