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The EU Regulation 1253/2014 sets certain requirements for ventilation units as of 1. January 2016 to ensure economical operation and meet standards for environmental protection. Per definition of the regulation, a ventilation unit "means an electrically  driven appliance equipped with at least one impeller, one motor and a casing and intended to replace utilized air by outdoor air in a building or a part of a building" (quotation from EU 1253/2014).

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Decentral fan coil Units and unit heaters

It is the task of decentral fan coils and unit heaters to maintain the temperature and air circulation in a building or part of a building. They are not used to replace utilized air with outdoor air. Our ventilation units of the CAIRplus, COM4 and ATpicco family are ideally suited for this purpose. In other words: the EU Regulation 1253/2014 does not affect fan coils and unit heaters.

Roof extract fan RoofJETT

The EU Regulation 1253/2014 distinguishes between unidirectional ventilation units (UVU) and bidirectional ventilation units (BVU). The roof extract fan RoofJETT is classified as a unidirectional ventilation unit. It transports utilized air from the building to the outside with a fan. According to the regulation, it is sufficient to calculate the fan efficiency in the unit and to check against the minimum value, as no filters are provided for this unit. The calculation in each case must be performed at the specified operating point.

With the following description the operating range of the units with EC motor becomes clear.





If AC motors are still used, it must be ensured that at least 3 fan speeds (excl. speed 0 - Off) are selectable in the control system during operation. If the fan provided by the factory can only be operated in 1 or 2-speed, a frequency inverter or mains transformer can be used. It does not matter whether this accessory is ordered from the manufacturer or installed on site. However, it must be ensured that the minimum efficiency requirements of the fan are fulfilled with at least 3 speeds in this configuration.

Beyond the requirements of the unit, it must be ensured that the extract fan is actually used in one-direction mode. To put it plainly: the supply air inside the building (or a part of a building) may not be conveyed via a fan. It may only flow freely, e.g. via open windows.

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