Public and large spas

First-rate climate for relaxed enjoyment of leisure time

Also true for large pools or wellness and therapeutic facilities: the warm room air is permanently being enriched with water vapour. In a short time, a muggy greenhouse climate arises without sufficient climate control. 

However, different from smaller private pools, there are only a few rest periods which can be employed for dehumidification. In order to prevent damage to the building and installations, dehumidification is especially important. In former times there was an easy way out: a fan with an outside air connection simply regularly exhausted the moist air and conveyed it outside. But this involved large quantities of energy being wasted by heat extraction. 

Today we first remove the moisture in the air with a heat pump and heat recovery, catch the arising condensate and drain it off into a waste water system. The heat simultaneously removed from the air is resupplied to the now dry air and released into the swimming pool area. As a rule, this cycle suffices to maintain the room temperature to the correct level and even additionally to gain heating energy for pool water heating. 

If you want to not only dehumidify your swimming pool or public baths, but also want climate control of the air, then you can succeed especially comfortably and energy-efficiently with the central air conditioning units of DencoHappel. The CAIRfricostar® has the broadest pallet of dehumidifiers and the most extensive choice of models for indoor swimming pools on the European market. 


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