CO2 neutrality for the urban development of tomorrow

One of numerous examples of how we understand and can implement sustainability in our products is the Villa Flora, which was built at the occasion of the World Horticultural Fair Floriade in Venlo in 2012. The building concept from the Dutch architect office Kristinsson demonstrates that sustainable construction as well as bringing together humans and plants has great potential for the urban development of tomorrow, and can simultaneously be realized in an environmentally-friendly manner.

The building ensemble consists of a huge greenhouse with exhibition space flanked by a docked office building. Despite the transparent glass architecture, the operation of the building was intended to be climate-neutral, effective and economical.

CAIR® air handling units are responsible for the hygienic exchange of air. The air supply to the office rooms is provided by floor vents installed in double floors, which serve both as floor heaters as well as for cooling by means of displacement ventilation. Latent heat accumulators (PCM / Phase Change Materials) ensure an internal balance of temperature in the air handling units.

The highly-publicized project is not only CO2 neutral, but its production of heat also suffices to cover the heating demand of the neighboring building as well.

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