CAIRplus Modular Units

Unlimited possibilities

The CAIR (CAIR = Customized Air) range of models supports you in meeting your customer requirements in the best way possible. The new generation offers a large number of model sizes. Whether an interior or exterior unit, vertical or horizontal installation, one over the other, behind each other, or next to each other – almost every type of installation is available.




    High-end solution with maximum flexibility (model sizes, enclosure models, components, configurations, etc.)


Great diversity of models
The enclosure design of the CAIRplus units is a combination of aluminium profiles and panels. In special cases, this especially sturdy construction even allows complete assembly on location. All panels, doors and flaps can be mounted and dismantled from the outside. In addition, a thermally separated design is also offered, providing the possibility – apart from a completely separation model – of thermally separating only the enclosure parts endangered by condensation.

Hidden technology, hygienic operation
The design of the CAIRplus air handling units optimally combines stability and functionality. Panel screw connections are made directly with the stable frame profile. The partition joint allows the connection of the delivered units at the construction site with only a few manual operations. The connection can be made alternatively from the inside or outside. The partition joint has no influence on the unit length. The cover strips, simple to disassemble with the screws lying on the outside, serve as seam sealing on weatherproof units and simultaneously ensure easy accessibility. No panel screws are employed inside. No frame parts protrude, ensuring an optimal prerequisite for hygienic operation. Flexible in design, the construction permits a high insulation class (T2/TB2) for minimal leakage (L1/F9) and high stability (D2) according to EN DIN 13779.

CAIRplus units are available with integrated cooling and control technology. Furthermore, different heat recovery systems are available. Our gratis Lplus software will help you with your optimal configuration of the units.

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Advantages of CAIRplus:

  • Individual customized units according to your wishes
  • Low investment, operation and maintenance costs
  • Modular construction and a complete system solution
  • Durable quality components
  • Secure function for all climatic conditions
  • Large number of available components
  • High efficient heat recovery with up to 85 % saving of energy
  • Performance data TÜV/Eurovent certified
  • Hygiene-conform with seal of approval

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