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Non-residential ventilation units
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A look at the minimum requirements shows that starting in 2018, very high requirements will be placed on ventilation units and their components. A more in-depth consideration shows that according to today's state of technology, the requirements of the Ecodesign Directive with respect to SFP, HCR and fan efficiency result in technically more exacting ventilation units to conform with these high efficiency standards.
The EU Commission has moreover indicated it might apply an even more rigorous Ecodesign Directive for ventilation units starting in 2020. This conforms with the EU Directive 2010/31, which regulates the total energy efficiency of buildings and requires that all new buildings (public buildings from 2018) must be lowest-energy buildings by the end of 2020.

Practical consequences
The following example should clarify the impact of the Ecodesign Directive for ventilation units. Used as reference is a central air-handling unit with a heat recovery of 55 % and an air velocity of 2.2 m / s in the clear unit cross-section (version 2015).

Basics of LCC calculation
 Unit location Essen, Germany
 Annual operating hours  4171
 Annual heating hours  3606
 Annual cooling hours  565
 Volume flow (ABL = ZUL)  12,000 m3/h
 Heat-recovery system  Plate heat exchangers
 Electrical costs  0.15 €/kWh
 Heating costs  0.06 €/kWh

non-residential ventilation units

The future trend

Ecodesign Directive valid from  2016  2018
 Unit configuration
 Front ait velocity  1.8 m/s  1.4 m/s
 Heat recovery efficiency  68%  75%
 Footprint (set-up area)  39%  48%
 Weight  39%  70%
 Energy consumption
 Heating capacity  - 42%  - 64%
 Cooling capacity  - 2%  - 4%
 Fan Power  - 4%  - 15%
 Lifecycle costs
 Investment costs  25%  57%
 Annuity of the energy costs  - 19%  - 33%
 Annuity of the capital costs  25%  57%
 Total annuity  - 14%  - 24%
 Amortisation  1.9 years  2.7 years

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The values from the example reflect the future trend. Ventilation units will require more space in order to comply with the requirements of the Ecodesign Directive. Similarly, higher investment effort and expense must be expected since technically complex solutions will be required.
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