Whoever treats air must master it

During the transition period between spring and autumn, can a large-scale glassed building be simultaneously heated on its northern side and cooled on its southern side with only one system, without switching on the central heating system? Does a plant in the pharmaceutical or electronic industry, for instance, which heats, cools, humidifies and dehumidifies the air, also offer protection from dirt and bacteria?

To these and many other questions concerning air and climate control technology, Air Treatment has found answers and implemented solutions based on long-experience applications. This core offering consists of a broad spectrum of central and decentralized air-treatment units, precipitators, and other filtering equipment, and extends to complete cleanroom systems. The function, control, and design of such facilities can be precisely customized according to the desired task, adapted to the design characteristics and infrastructure of specific buildings, and designed according to the calculation of operating costs as well as the highest standards of energy efficiency and climate protection. Cutting-edge control technology from our own development permits individual control in single rooms as well as central handling within a building management system. Control units with access through interfaces to all leading systems of building automation provide for the trouble-free integration of all equipment into the building management system. Building climate control, made to order, includes the major advantage that planners and users can come forward with their own wishes already during design of the facilities.

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