The powerful performance unit

Ultra-DENCO are designed for high performance in data centers.  The design has large EC fans within the floor void, which reduces static regain losses in the airflow and in turn reduces power consumption and allows larger coils to be used.



The unit has been designed to meet the performance and efficiency needs of data centers.  Designed for only a down flow air configuration and chilled water cooling, the unit is ideally suited towards rooms which have a 500mm floor void.

Every aspect of the unit has been designed for performance: the larger coil and larger filters means that there are lower air pressure drops, the large EC fans mean that at partial speeds there is a significant reduction in energy consumption and all the components within the chilled water pipework have been selected and designed to give the lowest pressure drop within the circuit.

The design allows for very high cooling capacity at standard water temperatures, with the possibility of greater efficiencies at higher temperatures.  The large coil helps to reduce air pressure drop. Its position has been refined using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations to ensure return air is carefully guided over the coil vanes to give even distribution and maximum heat exchange.

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  • Large cooling capacity, large airflow, small consumption
  • Components that minimise air and water pressures drops
  • Large coil and large EC plug fans for increased savings
  • Disciplined design enabling a small footprint; space for more IT equipment
  • Advance features available e.g. Automatic Pressurised System (APS)

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