Air Eco2nomy

Maximum of energy efficiency with lowest CO2 emission

DencoHappel is distinguished by excellent quality and reliability and provides tailor-made solutions. Since 2008, Air Eco2nomy stands for DencoHappel’s philosophy and value proposition of enabling the maximization of energy efficiency and low CO2 emissions. The Adia-DENCO® precision climate control systems with a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of close to 1.0 underlines the outstanding performance of DencoHappel products.
As systems supplier we work particularly sustainably and efficiently, right from day one of the project. Thanks to our comprehensive program of air-handling systems, planners, systems contractors and architects can get complete solutions all from one source.

As a result, apart from plenty of leeway for customized design, the company offers further clear advantages: The products harmonize perfectly with each other to provide the desired specific climate with greatest efficiency and cost effectiveness. This saves time, energy and costs. Moreover, expensive and complex compatibility problems in adapting the units to the building management system are avoided right from the start.

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