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It’s pleasant enough at a Thalasso spa, but it’s absolutely necessary in the production of cheese: the dehumidification of salty air. Technology and competence gained by DencoHappel in HVAC systems for indoor swimming pools prevents formation of mold in the salt baths of cheese production. At the same time, they likewise protect building structures from moisture damage.
Air Eco2nomy stands for more efficiency and more benefits. Users enjoy double advantage from dehumidifiers that assure constant relative humidity, for example, in the salt-bath rooms of cheese plants such as that of the company Müritz-Milch in Waren, Germany. These systems prevent condensation on walls and ceilings, and the dripping of condensate into the salt baths – but avoid at the same time corrosion damage to the building structure. 
The selection of various effective materials for the HVAC units themselves and for the heat exchangers – as well as special coatings– enables production of dehumidifiers that are resistant to aggressive air. Here, industrial users profit from the experience that DencoHappel has gained in sea-water and thermal swimming pools, and in conventional indoor baths. Actually, HVAC systems for salt-bath rooms in cheese production differ from those in swimming pools in only one component: a larger evaporator. This is necessary to prevent icing owing to a lowroom temperature of around 15 °C.

It goes without saying that maintenance of dehumidifiers is a simple matter. Generously dimensioned service doors simplify work such as cleaning and filter exchange, reduce risks of soiling, and keep downtimes to a minimum.

Experience from swimming pool technology implemented for cheese production
  • ​DencoHappel Dehumidifying technology tried and proven in swimming-pool applications and in the food and beverage industry
  • Selection of various corrosion classes for different requirements
  • Effective energy recuperation, to enable low operational costs
  • Systems that are based on proven ​DencoHappel central air-handling units
  • Modular engineering design that allows installation of large service doors for ease of cleaning

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