Supplementary Air Treatment Systems: An Overview

Fully satisfactory operation of gas turbines essentially depends on sufficient removal of damaging air-pollution particles, some of them of sub-micron size. Supplementary air-treatment processes are furthermore required for protection of the filter elements and, in turn, of the entire gas-turbine plant. These supplementary processes are also required for optimization of operational conditions and for enhancement of turbine efficiency.

Protection of filter elements:
Filters can suffer from damage or from impairment of their function if they become excessively moist, and/or if they freeze. Special anti-icing systems and coalescer systems are available to prevent these dangers.

Optimization of operating conditions:
The efficiency of a turbine essentially depends on pressure differences at the air-intake side, and on the temperature of the air of combustion. Low filter pressure differences enabled by anti-icing systems and/or by coalescer systems therefore have positive effects on the resulting degree of efficiency. Significant enhancement of efficiency is further possible by temperature reduction with evaporative cooling towers.

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