Wellness zones and swimming pools

Top climate for good health

When you really want to relax and let go, you want to be pampered all around. Good air is of course an important part of optimal relaxation. In hotel swimming pools, not only temperature and oxygen content are essential, but also the relative humidity. Effective dehumidification technology is absolutely necessary to prevent oppressive humidity and to assure an atmosphere of relaxation. Pool users don’t want to shiver, and they don’t want to sweat when they leave the water. This requires removal of humidity from the air in the hotel pool area, and maintenance of air temperature a few degrees above that of the water. This climate not only pampers guests: it also prevents the growth of mould in building components.

DencoHappel HVAC systems for swimming pool provide the required climate. These solutions also function flawlessly in salt-water pools and in Talasso seawater treatment pools. The larger DencoHappel HVAC systems for full-size swimming halls are based on proven central ventilation technology and offer not only effective dehumidification, but also superior heat recovery: so that pool facilities lose as little thermal energy as possible. Depending on the momentary temperature and humidity, the climate-control system will function in the most appropriate operational state, which reduces energy consumption.

In sports and wellness facilities, the primary functions are assurance of concerted exhaust of used-up air, and maintenance of a pleasant temperature. This means that guests won’t freeze during fitness activity and massages, and that they can pleasantly breathe deeply. For these purposes, the central systems from the CAIR® range, as well as their small ATpicco sister models, are outstandingly effective. They all promote hygiene by their smooth interior surfaces, their easily exchanged filters, and many additional structural characteristics.

HVAC technology for swimming pools:
  • CAIRfricostar®-units, based on proven central air-handling units
  • Integration of effective heat recovery
  • Superior-quality surface finish of components that are subject to corrosive action
  • Intelligent closed-loop control for reduction of consumption during periods with few guests
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