One powerful unit for ventilating, heating, and cooling

The new top performing HyPower units, an extension of the MPower-Geko series, ventilate, heat, or cool depending on the requirements. Their maximum cooling capacity is 25 kW. HyPower is pressure resistant up to 150 Pa.



The compact units are installed in a discreet position above the suspended ceiling; they can be connected to both the heating and the cold water supply grid. Despite the high power capacity, HyPower is fairly quiet. The modular construction allows a flexible design. HyPower comes in three versions: with or without fan chamber, as well as with fan chamber and inner acoustic insulation. Among the 2-pipe systems, there are three capacity stages with up to six tube rows available. For the 4-pipe systems there are two selectable capacity stages. The intelligent MATRIX control ensures an energy efficient operation of the EC fans fitted as standard. Energy efficiency is also guaranteed by the new condensate pump Maxiblue.

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  • Optically inconspicuous installation above a suspended ceiling
  • Three versions and up to three capacity stages
  • Powerful 2-pipe or 4-pipe systems
  • EC motors for continuously variable ventilator speeds
  • Heating capacity up to approx. 50 kW, and cooling up to approx. 25 kW
  • Pressure resistance up to 150 Pa
  • Optimized accessibility for maintenance work

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