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For expansion and integration of the MATRIX system, a great number and variety of so-called global modules are available.


    Interfaces / Servicetool

The system can be expanded as required: beginning with digital inputs and outputs, including modules for servo-control of valves and chillers, and extending to open interfaces such as LON.

In this way, implementation is possible, for example, of central feedforward and output of setpoints for night-time temperature reduction, temperatures, fan speed, and the output of system states such as fault and operational reports. The various modules are integrated via the MATRIX.Net network, which is provided as standard on all controllers. This bus system, executed as 2-conductor line, enables line lengths up to 600 m, with a maximum of 256 controllers in 16 different groups/temperature zones.

The service software MATRIX.PC also receives its information via MATRIX.Net. When “latched in” on a controller, an operator control unit, or on a global module, this tool enables parameterization, initial startup, and supervision of all connected components. In addition, functionalities such as manual control of all actuators or valves, as well as long-term data recording, are also available.

  • Controller series
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MATRIX 2000/3000/4000


In combination with all the previous MATRIX controller series.

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