HeaMo – Heat in Motion

Effectively redistributing energy for simultaneous supply of heating and cooling

Simultaneous heating and cooling is no longer a rarity in advanced building-operations systems. It is especially buildings oriented to the north and south – as well as applications with great demands for heating throughout the year – that continuously require dual supply of heat and cold over long periods of time.


    GEO REG 050 - 415 AD 42 (.ST)
    • Indoor installation
    • Scroll compressor
    • Cooling
    • Refrigerant R-410A
    • Plate heat exchanger
    • BMS integration is possible
    • Heating

Until now, cold water was used for cooling needs, and heating systems were employed to furnish hot water, in parallel operations. This arrangement prevented the possibility of exploiting energy-optimization potentials.

The HeaMo system, in contrast, uses heat produced by refrigeration to cover the hot-water requirements of a building. A maximum of effectiveness is achieved when cooling and heating energy must be provided at the same time, in a balanced relationship.

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Areas of Application
  • Office buildings
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