Food and beverages industries

Only sterile air ensures quality freshness and taste

Challenges in the food and beverage industries are as diverse as their sources in nature. In the production of foodstuffs, reduction in the microbe concentration is the first rule. Delbag® filter solutions achieve more: they ensure not only product quality, but also reduce cleaning efforts.

Brilliant colour, intensive flavours, and juicy meat: purchasers and final consumers have high expectations for the quality of food. A key factor here is product freshness. In order to optimally process easily perishable goods, hygienic air conditions are essential since they directly influence the quality and storage life of the products.

Experts from DencoHappel understand the specific requirements of the food industry in detail. With a widely defined, deep-reaching solution portfolio, we cover all filter requirements for sensitive and ultra-sensitive areas – for conventional as well as for highly complex applications.

Productivity is another benefit of Delbag® air filters. This is illustrated by the example of a meat products factory: depending on the kind of goods, the processing phase extends to more than the dismembering, carving and processing zones, curing chambers, and air locks for personnel or equipment. The degree of risk for biological contamination varies from room to room. Delbag® filter systems ensure a supply of microbiologically pure air for all areas. The consequence: production lines need considerably less frequent cleaning. And machine operational periods increase by several hours per week.

​DencoHappel pre-filters made of GAL aluminium or GAL stainless steel are very durable against moisture and corrosion. Their multi-layer filter nets are enclosed in a robust frame and can be either dry-cleaned by simple beating, or by squirting with water. All remaining fine filters are made of paper felt and can be completely exchanged and disposed.

Food sanitation through air purity:
  • Microbiological air filtration
  • Highest food quality and longest shelf life
  • Productivity increase by reducing service intervals
  • Corrosion-resistant filter systems
  • Simple handling, rapid servicing
  • Energy savings by low pressure drop

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