ATpicco Flat Units

Central air handling in the smallest space

ATpicco is designed for installation in a suspended ceiling. Other construction changes in the interior architecture are not necessary.



  • Full-performance air-handling unit with the very smallest of space requirements
  • For installation over a suspended ceiling
  • Volume flows up to 5,500 m³/h
  • Space-saving, flat construction (355 mm or 450 mm high)
  • Multiple installation possibilities (ceiling, floor, wall)
  • Complete variety of functions

The model series ATpicco has already proven to be outstandingly reliable as a room air cleaner. With a height of 45 cm, the unit is flat enough to easily find space under a suspended ceiling.

And not only the assembly is simple: maintenance flaps and a well-thought-out unit design also facilitate filter servicing and maintenance work on the unit. The modular construction of the ATpicco has the further advantage that, if desired, the roomair cleaner is also available with an additional climate control function. The unit is either manually operated with a switch in the room, or automatically with a timer, motion sensor, or air quality sensor. The latter measures gases present in the room and switches the plant on at certain concentrations (i.e., of CO2 or other gas mixtures). The demand-driven adjustment of fresh air share and air volume flow by an air quality sensor supports energy-saving operation.

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  • Continual room air cleaning
  • High energy efficiency
  • Airflow of 1,800 m³/h
  • Rapid, space-saving mounting with a suspended ceiling
  • No penetrations of ceiling or walls necessary
  • Simple servicing
  • Retrofitting also possible
  • Modular system – also available with climate control function

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