Delbag® Filter Media

A product portfolio with more than 2,000 standard and specialised filters

Delbag air filters cover all areas of application in which pollutants and suspended particulate matter must be removed from contaminated air in production facilities.

Filter Pads and Rolls

Bag Filters

Filter Plates and Cells

Metal Filters and Coalescers

Filter Elements HVAC

Filter Elements Industrial

HEPA Filters

Activated-Carbon Filters

Air Intake Filters

Dust Collection Filters

A great number and variety of work processes contaminate room air with pollutants and suspended particulate matter – contamination that in many cases is highly dangerous. Such conditions not only endanger human health, but also the quality of machines and products. While sterile atmospheres are essential in many situations (e.g., in operating theatres), other areas may demand absolute absence of dust in the air (for example, with sensitive systems in the optical industry).

Whatever user profile your rooms must fulfil: there is always a Delbag air filter that satisfies your individual requirements. The current Delbag filter portfolio includes more than 2,000 different standard and special filters to assure fresh, pure air in all areas. The finest emulsion mists, toxic vapours, fine-particulate dust, and material removed during manufacturing processes: all are reliably filtered out by Delbag filters – as are bacteria, fungal spores, and viruses.

In addition, Delbag air filters powerfully support cost-effective process management. They noticeably reduce consumption costs for power, heat, and water – and dependably conform to legal regulations. As a planner, you also profit from a maximum of flexibility. The great number of variation possibilities means that you will find at Delbag a customised filter solution for any and all of your projects.

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