Cooling with certified safety

Thanks to the model variety of our DencoHappel chillers for marine applications – DencoHappel can offer the right water cooled chillers for indoor installation in almost any capacity range. Safety has the highest priority in the open sea. Therefore DencoHappel meets all safety-relevant requirements for chillers and can offer you safe cooling with a DNV (Det Norske Veritas) certified unit on the day of delivery. In this connection it is necessary to underline that it is not only the manufacturer who is going to be certified but the components of certified suppliers are used as well.

DencoHappels’s choice of refrigerant types is based on best possible safety and environmental aspects – unit series with screw compressors are charged with the environmentally-friendly R134a and unit series with scroll compressors with R410A.

DencoHappel makes use of optimized heat exchangers especially designed and constructed for marine applications. Thanks to this unique unit option in marine applications, that is already integrated in units as standard, the DencoHappel chillers can withstand horizontal pitching up to 15° and vertical rolling up to 20°.

In order to offer you a complete system for ventilation, heating and cooling purposes – Air Treatment's product portfolio comprises DencoHappel air handling units as well as DencoHappel fan coil units that are specifically developed and constructed for marine applications.

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