Air-cooled Chillers for Indoor Installation

With duct connection or without condenser

Always when space requirements outside the building is limited, or the architecture or heritage protection of the building forbids installation of exterior units, or when no anti-freeze agents can be used, the air-cooled chillers for inside installation are suitable for air conditioning. Also special requirements on the sound level can be a good argument for this ranges of models.

The GLDC series has centrifugal fans and is therefore suitable for air-side connection to an on-site duct system.

Units of the GLRC series in split-design are connected via refrigerant tubes to an air-cooled condenser.


    GLRC 2015 – 4160 CD2 (41 – 442 kW)


    • Standard configuration with 2 or 4 scroll compressors
    • On-site condenser, air-cooled or water-cooled
    • Pump module optional (hydraulics module GLPE) additionally with safety valve, venting and filler connection; unit dimensions change when using the pump module
    • Autoadaptive microprocessor control
    • Unit main switch
    • Automatic circuit breakers for all electric consumers
    • Controller type: HVAC Systems-Step I (2015 – 2061) HVAC Systems-Step II (4060 – 4160)
    • Master/slave operation with GEA HVAC System unit series available as an accessory item
    • Connection to BMS via optional interface

    • Indoor installation
    • Scroll compressor
    • Cooling
    • Refrigerant R-410A
    • Plate heat exchanger
    • Master/slave operation is possible
    • BMS integration is possible
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Areas of Application

- Building with little space for outside installation
- Increased requirements on the sound level
- Building listed as architectural landmark
- Use of antifreeze agents not allowed

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