Climate-control solutions for hotel ​projects

Each room has its individual requirements – and we satisfy them all

There is hardly any other type of building that presents such a diversity of requirements as a hotel. On the one hand, lobbies, restaurants, bars, restaurants, and congress facilities are open to the general public and must offer room climate that satisfies many wishes. On the other hand, rooms and suits are individual feel-good zones in which the guest determines his or her own desired climate. Everyone is looking for HVAC solutions that are simple to control, quiet, and yet energy-efficient.

Other areas, however – such as garages, wine cellars, and kitchen facilities – require solutions closely oriented to their respective functions. In wine cellars, constant temperature is essential to preserve the goodness of their valuable contents. In garages, the oxygen content of the air has priority, and in hotel kitchens the ventilation system must assure effective exhaust of food vapours and odours. In such areas of application, successful operations will depend on demand-driven and flawless interaction of sensor systems, closed-loop control, and the HVAC technology itself.

Despite this extensive spectrum of application orientation, DencoHappel has the ideal solution for each and every area of a hotel. Advanced technology, linked with decades of experience, has supported many companies along their way to success – and can do the same for you. After all: DencoHappel has accumulated extensive knowledge and insights gained from countless projects: including simple business hotels, 5-star establishments, cosy little bars on the corner, and all the way to historical ballrooms. With ​DencoHappel, the most effective solution is always available, even when official listing of a building as protected heritage dictates observance of essential conditions. Generosity and hospitality are not onlyquestions of space, but also of air. With the right technology, guests can breathe easily.

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