Delbag LoTex - Filter pads

Technology for low energy consumption

Delbag has developed LoTex as a brand new filter media based on lotus effect.


    Filter mat 1704 LoTex®, 1000 series, Filter class G4
    Filter mat 1705 LoTex®, 1000 series, Filter class M5
    Filter mat 1805 LoTex®, 1000 series, Filter class M5

The technology is used primarily for separating of liquid droplets from the air stream, as the unique media treatment allows for a significantly reduced wettability. Water, oils, and emulsions easily pearl off, instead of evaporating in the filter and resinifying there. These characteristics mean that relatively large amounts of liquids can be separated and - if desired - can be effectively reused.

A further benefit: since the pressure drops with Delbag LoTex filters are appreciably less than those experienced in conventional demisters (droplet separators), power consumption for air filtration is cut in half. The advantages are double: cost reduction and protection of the environment
Comparing to the usual filtration technology for liquid aerosols, LoTex technology offers decisive advantages:

  • High energy efficiency
    A considerably lower pressure drop with a similar degree of arrestance makes it possible to reach a 50% energy saving potential
  • Minimizing the gas phase formation
    The short retention period of filtered and liquid aerosols enables to minimize the gaseous aerosols part, produced by evaporation, in the clean air
  • Keeps a high degree of arrestance even with variations of air flow
    The degree of arrestance of LoTex filter pads stay stable, even with high level air flow fluctuations. On the other side centrifugal mist collectors need a constant air flow.
  • Long service life
    Fast liquid drain with less hardening remainders on the filter medium enables a longer service life of the filter medium.
  • Reduction of CO2 emission
    According to the reduced energy requirements, 50% less carbon dioxide is released by power Regeneration.

LoTex filter pads are already in use in our oil and emulsion mist filter DELBAG MultiTron and DELBAG MultiAir products.

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