From the food and beverage industry up to combustion processes

Specialist for solutions customized for process technology and specific industrial segments

A great diversity of dust-collection problems may be encountered for solution, depending on the industrial segment and the processes being applied. Air Treatment has developed filter systems and equipment plants that are adapted down to the last detail of the specific catalogue of requirements.

Whether chemistry, metalworking, or food and beverages: each sector has its own dust-collecting problems. This situation depends on the starting materials involved. Processes with stone and earth materials, for example, produce entirely different dusts than does the sawing of wood, the rehabilitation of buildings containing asbestos, or the milling of grain. A special source of danger arises with work with asbestos. Air Treatment offers comprehensive solutions for asbestos disposal.

For all these interests and problems, Air Treatment has the appropriate solution for filtration, de-dusting of filters, and dust transport. Our engineering specialists will be glad to advise you. On the basis of your catalogue of requirements, they will sound out all possibilities for each of their potentials, until an optimal solution is ready.

Explosion protection
Explosion protection must be taken into account in many application areas. The new ATEX Directive has meant that stipulations placed on user companies have become considerably more strict. ​DencoHappel offers ​DELBAG dust-collection systems with explosion pressure-shock resistant models, for processes with explosion-hazard dust and dangerous gas mixtures.

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