Demand driven configuration with greatest possible energy efficiency

Climate protection begins within one’s own four walls. The energy consumption for each square meter and year shows whether a building is energy-hungry or energy-saving.
Climate protection, cost pressure, and not least energy-saving regulations stand in contrast to growing expectations for comfort, security, and communication technology in buildings. Sustainable structural engineering reconciles these requirements. Solutions from DencoHappel save energy.

For high comfort in living and working, you reduce the energy costs and CO2 emissions by buildings. Attention is focused on the demand-driven configuration and greatest possible energy efficiency. Tailored design prevents cost increases and wasteful over-dimensioning of equipment and facilities. With a broad, modular, and fine-spectrum product range for central and decentral heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, DencoHappel offers a high degree of special customization to individual requirements. The continual improvement of energy efficiency is precision work in the field of fan coil technology; in the minimization of internal pressure losses, thermal losses, and leakages; as well as in the required operation modes. Moreover, energy recuperation is of great significance because it reduces energy consumption for heating and cooling. HVAC systems from DencoHappel employ the thermal energy contained in the exhaust air for the supply air flow and achieve a recovery of up to 85 % in thermal energy.

Another example of environmental compatibility and efficiency increase is the combination of climate/ventilating systems with heat pumps. Sufficient heat is made available in the transition period without switching on the central heating unit. Thanks to its efficiency, for every kilowatt hour of electricity the heat pump provides three to four times the amount of usable heat than conventional system. This conserves valuable resources.

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