Integrated or external

Either as compact switch cabinet, or integrated ready for connection into the unit: both are available, according to unit type and the customer’s wishes.


All DencoHappel central air handling units can be equipped with the ISYteq control system. This enables an easy linking of all units. By using the control panel display as well as other smart devices, the current installation parameters and settings can be viewed and changed. Up to three users can connect to the system at the same time.

  • Customized pre-configuration
  • Easy operation
  • Applied for
With the ISYteq control system for central air handling units there is no time-consuming search for a customized solution. This already exists through the pre-configuration. The all-inclusive principle makes an elaborate modular configuration superfluous.
The control system is easy to install, connect and operate. This way, a practical and customized solution is found for all parties: customers, planners, service and users. The central air handling units can be optimally adapted to the desired functionalities by using the touchscreen of the control panel or by using a USB port and an external notebook.
All ISYteq control systems can be linked to other ISYteq control systems of the DencoHappel family in an Ethernet LAN through a web interface. The customers can thus operate the system through the touch display or an own device. A notebook, tablet or smart phone can be connected through an Ethernet port or the same LAN network. Thanks to the existing webserver, the application can simply be used in the browser of any device. This will then have the same screen as the touch display.
Central air-handling units with the following functions: heating, cooling, heating or cooling, heating and cooling with water, electrical heater, or refrigerant; recirculated-air, mixed-air, outside-air operation modes; heat recovery.
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