The right version for every requirement

The Flex-Geko fan coil units are available in the Comfort Edition.


  • One equipment platform
  • 8 installation sizes
  • 2- and 4-pipe systems
  • 150-1,800 m3/h
  • 1-20 kW
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation
  • Comfort Edition

  • It enables climate control of rooms in mixed-air operation, and treatment of the air with finer filters
  • According to the requirements, Comfort units offer hot and/or cold water connections
  • They can be equipped with additional electrical heating, and with an integrated direct evaporator, which allows a combination with outdoor split-climate units.
  • A light-grey band makes the unit optically even slimmer

The Comfort Edition, with its distinctive light-grey band, can climate-control rooms in mixed-air operation as well. It can be equipped with an additional electrical heater if required. Its various air-intake and -outlet directions guarantee flow-optimized airflow routing for all applications.

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  • Flexible setup and installation variations
  • Integration possible behind walls or above suspended ceilings
  • The MATRIX® control system, adapted to the required functionalities
  • Integration into the building-services management system via various interfaces
  • Combination with other fan coil units or DencoHappel products

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