Leading technology innovator in air treatment

DencoHappel (formerly GEA Air Treatment) is one of the leading technology innovators in the field of air treatment, air conditioning and filter technology as well as cooling process air.
DencoHappel offers central-plant and decentral solutions for air handling and air conditioning which filter, heat, cool, humidify and dehumidify air economically and in an environmentally-friendly way. DencoHappel products are suitable for various industries: they help hotels provide a comfortable atmosphere for their guests, create pleasant and productive working conditions in offices, ensure well-being in churches and museums and simultaneously protect the buildings’ structures and exhibits.
Close control air handling units ensure a constant indoor climate in sensitive laboratories or data centers, hygienic units in turn are geared to the needs of the health sector or the industry. Air filter systems and last but not least cleanroom systems safeguard clean production conditions and minimize health hazards.
Economical motors, systems for heat recovery and utilization of environmental thermal energy enhance the energy efficiency of DencoHappel solutions. Moreover, in-house control systems offer further savings potential. This is what DencoHappel sums up in Air Eco2nomy.
With its premium brands CAIRplus®, DENCO®, MultiMAXX®; Multi Flair®,
DencoHappel COM4®, Flex-Geko®, FireTex®, SepTex® and Sahara® as well as the DELBAG® products, DencoHappel has repeatedly set technological standards through innovation for over a century, and can satisfy nearly every conceivable customer wish.

DencoHappels shareholder, Triton Partners, decided in October 2016 to merge DencoHappel with Fläkt Woods, one of the worldwide technology leaders in air-handling and air conditioning technology. Triton had taken over the Fläkt Woods Group from Equistone Sagard. The new company, FläktGroup is now the new European market leader for energy-efficient solutions in ventilation and air conditioning technology. The group operates in approximately 65 countries around the world and produces annual revenues of about 680 million euros with about 3,700 employees.

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