Social Responsibility

Sustainability, personal responsibility and encouragement are cultural backbone

Ethics and Employment
Sustainable actions are at the core of the corporate culture and in the way employees are treated – in other words, in the company itself.
DencoHappel is a medium-sized company. We make use of these advantages by living and promoting the principle of personal responsibility. We call this the "entrepreneurial spirit". Such a spirit involves everyone acting as if they were owners and hence responsible for the resources and tasks at their disposal.
We live speed, since by using short paths in our work we can react and make decisions rapidly, flexibly and transparently. We place great value on a respectful and trustful cooperation with each other in the company as well as with our external partners.
Continuous change and the constant quest for improvement accompany everything we do. We simply call this: motivation to perform.
These values are our backbone. They are based on the experience and over 100 years of innovation capability as well as the technology leadership of DencoHappel.

DencoHappel employees are encouraged and qualified to follow responsible business practice right from the start to work out sustainable air and climate-control solutions.

DencoHappel has constantly proven its innovative capability and assertiveness. Investors, planners, and users profit from the co-operation resulting in sustainable and entrepreneurially attractive solutions. This enables employees to bear the responsibility for their work and to measure themselves against the satisfaction of their customers. They commit themselves personally to the optimum achievable in air treatment in buildings, and are systematically trained to always aspire to this goal. The main focus is not the individual “job position,” but the development of the employee’s personality along with all professional and individual capabilities.

A pronounced learning and innovation culture, short decision-making paths, and decentralized organization all open up opportunities and a scope of action for the employees of DencoHappel to take over entrepreneurial responsibility even in their young years. Apart from professional considerations, the courage to make decisions, the capability for teamwork and common responsibility for results – and, not least, the will to make ideas out of visions and develop new products and applications from ideas: all of these are promoted in the course of their development. Specialists, project managers, and executives cooperate directly and openly, at eye level – and with success.

DencoHappel offers first-rate conditions:

  • A culture of learning and innovation is intensively promoted by the management
  • Personal development and a sense of ownership strengthens independent action as well as the acceptance of entrepreneurial responsibility
  • Advancement of teamwork with joint responsibility for results in an open working environment fosters confidence
  • Decentralized company structures with short, transparent decision-making processes and flat hierarchies
  • Abundance of resources, security, and competence


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