Direct cooling for higher density servers

The data center industry is no longer static; designers and managers must consider both the existing requirements for performance and output and they must predict the future for their data center.  They need a product with scalability, adaptability, dependability, consistency and simplicity.  They need these to allow for their data center to grow and evolve efficiently.  Row-DENCO can provide all these features, and more, to give the efficient operations you require.



With a width of 300mm and a rear to front airflow, Row-DENCO units can be associated with particular servers, rather than with a room. This enables a direct relationship between the server and it's source of cool air, reducing or eliminating the need to create excess or future capacity.

A highly adaptable method for expansion of an existing data center. The design requires no floor or ceiling void and has a small footprint (between 0.30 and 0.36m²). It includes easy and simple connection points that allow for fast installation from either above or below.

Designed for easy for N+1 configuration. The units can be networked together, allowing for a duty-standby configuration setup. The fans, as standard, operate ‘running redundancy’ within each unit; therefore if a fan needs replacing, the others can increase their speed to cover the airflow requirements whilst you can perform a hot swap.

Available as both direct expansion and chilled water units, but shares the same design principles and features: mechanical connections available at the top and bottom, humidifier available for both, casing sizes and airflow configurations are the same for both types.

Row-DENCO units make the delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance as straight-forward as possible. By using integrated wheels to give easy positioning on your site or good accessibility to all internal components for maintenance. The design helps lower risks to performance with each airflow localized to particular servers.

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  • Short, fast and direct relationship with the servers
  • Zero downtime: hot swappable indoor fans
  • A small footprint for easy placement
  • Consistent design – variety of airflows
  • Simple and intelligent design for easy delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

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