Delbag® MultiJet TJS

MultiJet TJS is effective in the separation of virtually all types of dry dust.The cartridge-type dust collector is a self-cleaning surface filter that operates by means of pressure-pulse self-cleaning.


    MultiJet TJS

The enclosure has a modular design with a small footprint. The filter is available in various models and materials, in versions conforming to ATEX, with pressure relief, as well as with various filter materials. In this way, the cartridge-type dust collector can be optimally designed in accordance with the operational situation prevailing, and according to field of application.

The MultiJet TJS uses compact bag-cartridge filters, each with a filter surface of 13 m². Cleaning of the bag-cartridge filters takes place by short and intensive pressure pulses. This process is made possible by highly advanced control technology implemented for the solenoid valves. A selection of filter-control units is available.

Accessories are available here: built-on fans, cellular wheel sluices, screw-type conveyors, and many others.

  • Air flow: up to max. 200,000 m³/h
  • Areas of application: in industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries: e.g., silo and bin ventilation, materials conveying, minimum-quantity lubrication, dry processing, mechanical processing, and general process engineering.
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