Condensing Units

The ideal supplement to our air-handling units

Whoever depends on air-handling units with direct evaporation systems can find the best solution among the DencoHappel condensing units. The condensing units are connected via refrigerant tubes to an evaporator in the air handling unit. Therefore additional buffer tanks, water pipework, frost protection and pumps are not required.

Depending on the series, the units can not only provide cooling, but are also designed for the monovalent heating operation. The refrigerant circuit is reversed via an integrated 4-way valve, and the evaporator in the air-handling unit works as a condenser. This way a single unit can provide not only cooling but also heating all year round.


    GCH 100 - 250 CD4/1 (13 - 32 kW)


    • Space-saving optimized version (1 or 2 scroll compressors)
    • Heat-pump cycle with a 4-way valve
    • Inverter technology is used for compressor control
    • Cooling operation from 43 °C down to -5 °C ambient temperature (dry bulb)
    • Heating operation from 15.5 °C to -20 °°C outdoor temperature (wet bulb)
    • Control over constant evaporation and condensing temperatures or via 0-10 volt signal provided on-site

    Accessories required

    Expansion valve kit GZCH - CD.R12
    Communication box GZCH-3BOX.E15

    • Outdoor installation
    • Scroll compressor
    • Cooling
    • Standard motor with axial fan and Ex protection (ATEX)
    • Heating
    • Refrigerant R-410A
    • Plate heat exchanger
    • Inverter compressors
    • Direct evaporator

    GLCU 2015 - 4060 BC1/2 (40 - 162 kW)

    • Standard configuration with 2 or 4 scroll compressors
    2-circuit system
    • Frame and panels made of galvanized steel
    • Coated plastic
    • Condenser made of copper pipes and corrugated aluminum fins
    • Cooling operation down to -15 °C ambient temperature
    • External activation of individual compressors
    • Unit main switch
    • Automatic circuit breakers for all electric consumers
    • Shut off valve in liquid and suction line
    • High and low pressure switches
    • Continuously variable fan speed control

    Recommended accessories:
    Refrigerating engineering accessories GLZCU... .R06 (expansion valve, solenoid valve, filter drier and sight glass, to be mounted in each circuit by others on site)

    Can be delivered in two different versions:

    GLCU 2015 - 4060 BC1 as standard unit
    GLCU 4052 - 4060 BC2.SL in especially quiet version

    • Outdoor installation
    • Scroll compressor
    • Cooling
    • Standard motor with axial fan and Ex protection (ATEX)
    • Refrigerant R-407C
    • Plate heat exchanger
    • Direct evaporator
    • Unit as low-noise model
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