Outdoor Units

Perfect companions for your cooling systems

We can provide condensers, condensing units, dry coolers and chillers to complete your cooling solutions. Designed to minimize space requirements for your site, each type is fitted with high quality and reliable components that can operate efficiently in your climate and weather conditions. As with every DENCO product, a wide range of accessories is available to integrate your products effortlessly.


    Outdoor condenser

    Outdoor unit

Condensers - used with refrigerant circuits they consist of a coil and a fan.  The condenser turns refrigerant back into a liquid form to lower its temperature and allow for another circuit of heat transfer.

Drycooler - Similar design to condensers but uses water as the cooling medium. The water may contain a glycol percentage to prevent freezing, but the dry cooler blows ambient air over the coil to lower the water temperature as low as possible, allowing it to be used for the heat transfer.

Condensing unit - Performs the same action as a condenser, but also has the compressor built into the outdoor unit, rather than on the indoor unit.  Useful for minimizing noise from the indoor unit where a quiet environment is needed.

Chiller - For multiple units requiring a source of chilled water for heat transfer, a chiller can work in a variety of methods, including free cooling versions.  For more information, please see our "Chiller / Heat Pump" section.

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