Pharmaceutical industries and life sciences

Cleanroom conditions for highest quality standards

A high measure of competence and specialized experience is a prerequisite for highly dependable room-air and process-air technology in the pharmaceutical industry. For this reason, numerous international manufacturers trust DencoHappel's system solutions.

All around the globe, consumers demand high-quality medications for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. The health and life-sciences sector is growing dynamically at an above-average rate. For decades, ​DencoHappel has established itself as a competent value-added partner for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The recipe for success is especially conceived filter technologies and ventilation systems, designed to ensure equal safety for the production processes and the personnel.

For both research and development, as well as mass production: whenever tablets are produced, liquids filled, substrates milled, estrogens or androgen substances produced, or health-endangering materials processed, air filtering is of critical importance. Solid and liquid products must be protected from contaminants from ambient air. Employees must not be endangered and must be protected with extreme care: i.e., from inhaling toxic aerosols. And not least, the transmission of contaminated air into external areas must be prevented to avoid mutual contamination. Particles dissolved in the air, moreover, must be monitored and separated where they are produced.

​Delbag® filter systems and media are used worldwide within the scope of pharmaceutical manufacturing and processing methods. Because only perfectly harmonized filter systems can guarantee seamless air monitoring, which alone permits the qualitatively high standards that consumers of medicines and life science products expect and require.

Cleanroom concepts for chemical pharmaceutical processes:
  • Testing according to Eurovent guidelines
  • Technical air treatment system solutions from one source
  • Safety in the manufacture of sterile products
  • Staff protection from contamination
  • High operational safety and long service life
  • Low pressure drops and high energy efficiency
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