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Market leadership is a constant obligation

Market leadership and strength are constant obligations that DencoHappel assume in a future-oriented working environment. This includes the efficient use of non-renewable energy resources, as well as careful treatment of the environment. We work as partners for planners, plant engineers as well as systems contractors and offer optimized, customized climate control solutions for each project. At DencoHappel, we lay great importance on flexibility and market proximity.

High-Tech in top form

Top performance in line with top appearance: When equipment demonstrates functional and formal unity and is moreover aesthetically tailored to the interior conditions of the individual site – then system design becomes a positive element in interior furnishing. Our specialists have received numerous national and international design awards for such work.

DencoHappel Technology Center

In Herne, Germany, DencoHappel operates the most advanced technology center in this industry. We invest heavily in our own research and development projects, with emphasis on sophisticated control technology. Systems with increased intelligence characterize these activities. Numerous new developments at DencoHappel continuously provide critical momentum to our industry.

DencoHappel Test Chamber

In Wurzen near Leipzig, Germany, DencoHappel operates the probably the largest and most state-of-the-art test chamber for air conditioning equipment and is once again setting standards in this sector. Together with the associated control station and its generously sized meeting space, it forms the centerpiece of the new Customer Center. Here, units with volume flows between 10,000 m3 / h and 85,000 m3 / h per hour and temperatures between +10 °C and +45 °C can be tested under the real-life conditions of a data center.

The new test chamber is not only for demonstrating the effectiveness of the Adia-DENCO® and CAIRplus® units to customers. The equipment also supports Engineering in its development of products, since the units can then be immediately tested in-house.

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Energy needs

We have specialized in developing products with a maximum of energy efficiency. This topic is increasingly gaining importance. Especially when we consider the mandatory European Building Energy Certificate that provides valuable conclusions on the energy quality of a building structure. We apply dynamic energy simulations to determine the energy influences that act on enclosed building space. In addition, we can also effectively simulate building automation, utility systems and plant operation in order to study energy conservation on a time-discrete basis. The following are taken into account:

  • heat-storage effect of the building core
  • site-dependent climate data
  • analysis of extreme values
  • relationships within the thermal building behavior and user behavior

We perform testing to determine whether the relationship between performance capability and noise emission is optimal. In our acoustic testing facilities, we perform standard acoustic-power measurements in accordance with comparative testing techniques. We employ advanced measurement systems in the form of real-time analytic devices that enable short measuring times. Tested systems can be studied in accordance with their requirements, for example

  • Measurements on the air-intake side
  • Measurements on the air-discharge side
  • Overall acoustic-power measurements

Thermal Comfort
We spend most of our lives in closed rooms. That’s why a healthy room environment is so critical for our comfort. Various factors contribute to this: different standards and directives provide essential information on generally valid criteria for thermal comfort. Our laboratory for measuring air and heat flow in rooms perform simulations of a great variety of room situations. Measuring systems can acquire data on all room variables that play an important role in determining thermal comfort. This enables to optimize room design with respect to comfort. Sensors are fixed on site and can accurately determine the prevailing environmental conditions in a room. Our computer-aided flow-analysis systems provide key support in the determination and verification of comfort characteristics. These facilities not only allow to complete room-climate tests and comfort simulations, but also enable the optimization of air-flow characteristics.

Structural analysis
For the engineering design as well, we offer essential support for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. We apply advanced CAD technology here, closely linked to component and assembly optimization by FEM. In this way, we also effectively carry out temperature-related field studies for cases involving the consequences of thermal loads and deformations in solids.

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