Highest Flexibility for the User

Control your own local environment

A fully linked control system provides communication between end users and individual LECUs. With integration possible between the building ́s own BMS and/or a purpose built control system just for DENCO®-OfficeCool.


    Display on the Zone Unit which controls the entire network connected to it

    Display on the LECU under the return air grille

DencoHappel’s own purpose written software allows for seamless communication of all DENCO®-OfficeCool components, with data logging, alarm warnings as standard. User input is possible from many locations for ease of access, quick and easily adjustable temperature settings for maximum flexibility and comfort for all.


Other options for layout and operation

There are a number of additional features which allow the users to get the maximum benefit from the DENCO®-OfficeCool Air Conditioning System. An on-floor touch screen group controller can be installed in the system. This provide a “mini-headend” capability for smaller installations that have no BMS, or where a BMS is installed, it provides tenants, or users, with the control over the equipment installed at floor plate level.

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Control via
  • Display on Zone Unit
  • Display on LECU
  • PC / Smartphone
  • On-floor display

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