Semiconductor production

Fine dust, bacteria, and microbes don’t have a chance

In the manufacture of microelectronic building components, tiny particles of even half-micrometre size can have grievous consequences. Delbag® filter systems satisfy all international cleanroom standards – and go far beyond conventional quality specifications.

Semiconductor production and pharmaceutical industries, as well as companies in the chemical industry, space technology, and optics and laser technology perform research and production increasingly under cleanroom conditions. Technical, chemical, and biological quality products with highly sensitive manufacturing processes are further processed in hermetically sealed areas that demand room air that is virtually dust-free. The manufacturing process itself, however, requires ambient air absolutely free of particulate.

Cleanroom solutions from ​DencoHappel permit users to coordinate all critical parameters precisely with requirements of the respective production processes and to systematically control decontamination of room air. These solutions control air pressure, temperature, and moisture – especially the contamination with fine dust, skin particles and bacteria – and keep these contaminants away from products and processes. Apart from air treatment systems, ​DencoHappel also offers the necessary filter systems and media that cleanroom operators need to satisfy international standards for their production conditions.

Manufacturers of cleanroom filters typically concentrate on filtering dust particles which are larger than 0.5 µm. ​DencoHappel, however, offers filter solutions that far exceed the conventional qualities (down to 0.01 µm) – and new solutions are continually being developed by the ​DencoHappel Technology Centre. We will therefore remain a reliable partner for your company in the future, always keeping a step ahead of current requirements.

Trouble-free production for absolutely clean quality:
  • Filter systems and filter media according to international standards
  • For cleanroom standards
  • Comprehensive solutions with energy-efficient technologies designed for individual processes
  • High-performance absolute filters 100 % air purity
  • Elimination of particles directly in production vicinity

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