Highly appealing for all requirements

The MultiMAXX has been designed for a great number and variety of requirements. It is available in a wide selection of models.


    MultiMAXX HN - Comfort


    MultiMAXX HN

    MultiMAXX HS

    MultiMAXX HD

    MultiMAXX HE

    MultiMAXX HX

    Hybrid Air Treatment - The perfect combination of decentralized air conditioning with central heat recovery
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MultiMAXX HN - The flexible unit heater / cooler

Delivers fresh air for business and industry

The HN range, available in five installation sizes, is ideal for operation in normal industrial environments – or, for example, in DIYs, warehouses, and in much more.

  • 5 model sizes
  • Air volume flows up to 12.500 m³/h
  • Heating capacity up to 200 kW
  • Cooling capacity up to 34 kW
  • Assembly: wall, ceiling



MultiMAXX HS - The hygienic unit heater

Stainless steel – unit heater for high demand

Especially created for applications with companies involved in food and beverage processing, the chemical industry, and car-wash operations. Almost all components of the HS models are manufactured from stainless steel. This assures hygienic conditions and guarantees long years of use, even in the most aggressive of environments.

  • 4 model sizes
  • Air volume flows up to 10.400 m³/h
  • Heating capacity up to 33 kW (PWW) and 121 kW (steam)
  • Assembly: wall, ceiling
  • Hygienic stainless steal execution

MultiMAXX HX - The safe unit heater

Explosion-protected heater for industry

They feature enclosures clad in steel plate, or are housed in stainless steel, like the HS models, for use in contact with aggressive media.

  • 4 model sizes
  • Air volume flows up to 9.190 m³/h
  • Heating capacity up to 68 kW (PWW) and 94 kW (steam)
  • Cooling capacity up to 23 kW
  • Assembly: wall, ceiling
  • ATEX-tested components

MultiMAXX HD - The powerful unit heater

Powerful heating

Externally, MultiMAXX HD are almost exactly identical to the HN models. Both are available with design panels or in functional industrial versions - and the dimensions of HD sizes 1 to 4 conform to the standard.

A look inside, however, shows the big differences. A diagonal fan really puts on the air pressure with HD models. With dimensions comparable to its brother models, this powerful fan offers higher air ratings, greater air-projection distances, and enhanced heat input.

  • 4 model sizes
  • Air volume flows up to 13.350 m³/h
  • Heating capacity up to 100 kW (PWW) and 200 kW (steam)
  • Assembly: ceiling, wall


MultiMAXX HE - The electrical unit heater

Fresh air for commerce and industry

MultiMAXX HE electrical unit heaters are the perfect choice for the following situations:

  • Areas in which the installation of pipes for heating is not possible
  • Areas where installation of heating pipes is not desired
  • Zones in which only additional partial heating is required.

Switch cabinets are available for control of these heating units. They of course satisfy all applicable safety regulations.

  • 3 model sizes
  • Air volume flows up to 9.900 m³/h
  • Heating capacity up to 42 kW
  • Assembly: wall, ceiling


MultiMAXX HG - The gas-fired unit heater

Convenient heating with gas

With our MultiMAXX HG unit heaters, we have provided just the right solution for all cases in which gas is used for heating. The unit heater is equipped with a fully automatic block gas pressure burner.

These unit heaters are equip­ped with room-air-dependent or room-air-independent burners. They offer extensive accessories for effective smoke extraction. The wide selection of accessories is identical to the accessories offered in the MultiMAXX series of models.

  • 2 model sizes
  • Air volume flows up to 10.500 m³/h
  • Heating capacity up to 65 kW
  • Assembly: wall, ceiling

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