MultiMAXX Vent

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MAXX Vent units are axial fans with casing for simple and exhaust ventilation of premises and areas used for commercial and industrial purposes.


    Ideal as solution when air circulation is essential. Analogous to the HN, HS and HX range of MultiMAXX devices, these units are available without heat exchangers.

The units are suitable for circulating or mixed air operation and can be ideally operated in combination with MultiMAXX HN, MultiMAXX HS or MultiMAXX HX. The unit can also be used as a fan for circulating air in industrial facilities or for air changes on other premises, e.g. rooms.

The unit perfercly fits into the product programme and complements air treatment units/unit heaters of MultiMAXX series and smoke exhaust fans of RoofJETT series.

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  • Affects a reduction in the air stratification, especially in high halls
  • Multifunctional potential applications of the ventilation
  • Application-specific material properties
  • Flexible selectable components

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