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Benefit from our expert and worldwide accessible services. This ensures shorter distances for faster customer support. If you are satisfied, then so we are.

Engineering and consulting

Under-dimensioning leads to performance deficits: but over-dimensioning results in unnecessary expense. Our service prevents both. Long years of experience and extensive process expertise pay off in the exact design of your system. Since the functioning of a filter system is influenced by many product and operational parameters, all these factors that impact on the system must be evaluated in advance. We have a wide selection of possibilities for customized design here. The result: a filter system all of whose parameters are exactly matched to your individual requirements. For the extraction and the treatment of process gases, or the design of the required equipment assemblies – we will gladly provide you with the necessary consulting and support.

Pre- and after-sales services

Perfect technology is not everything. Our service supports you additionally with comprehensive services. These include supply of original spare parts, training of your staff, and disposal of exhausted filter elements.

Accessories and spare-parts service

We can of course help you in selection and supply of air-filtration accessories. Pre-dusting agents, rotation air showers, venturis, diaphragm values, time or Delta-P controls are all included in our range. We can provide you with information about technical issues and spare parts for our filter equipment. We would be glad to furnish you with information on technical issues and spare parts involving our filter systems.

Services rendered by our filter service include concept development and design of air-handling systems and facilities in accordance with product and operational parameters. This ensures exact conformity with the customer’s individual requirements.

An extensive selection of accessories is available for equipping filter systems and facilities.

Provision of original spare parts is of course one of our services.

The following are also included in the spectrum of services:

  • Highly competent Consulting
  • Preventive and remedial maintenance
  • Service agreements
  • Assembly and erection of the equipment
  • Commissioning of the facilities
  • Provision of a supervisor
  • Measurement of untreated and treated gases
  • Cleaning of electrostatic precipitators
  • Training of customer’s staff
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    Readiness to provide services, from A to Z:

    • Inspections
    • Maintenance and service contracts
    • Exchange of filter bags and hoses
    • Repair of filters and pipes
    • Filter alterations and upgrading
    • Optimisation of existing filter systems
    • Expert disposal of exhausted filter elements
    • as per legal regulations
    • Initial startup and staff training
    • Modernization of filter control systems


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