GEA Delbag AquaClean NMD

The wet scrubber is an air-filter system that operates with the most natural of all filter media: water. The system reliably separates the most problematic of dust types.


    Delbag AquaClean NMD

Wet scrubbers are extremely robust and feature long life cycles. These scrubbers use water to capture the dust. Most of the substances become sediments, and others form an emulsion or go completely into solution.

Two versions are available:

Version B:
flat tank bottom for low and medium dust concentrations. The tanks are cleaned by hand or by draining the water.

Version T:
funnel-shaped tank for all dust concentrations. The dust-water mixture accumulates in the form of turbidity and is drained off intermittently or continuously.

Accessories such as fans, heating units, control devices, and many more are available.

  • Air flow: up to max. 82,000 m³/h
  • Areas of application: for separation of highly adhesive dust types, for filtration of aluminum dust, for decontamination of air extracted from foundries, and in the cooling of process air.
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