Delbag (High-)Efficiency Submicron Particulate Air Filters

HEPA (High-efficiency submicron particulate air filters)

HEPA/EPA filters monitor the air flow in clean rooms and protect sensitive products and manufacturing processes from contamination. The HEPA/EPA filter elements consist of pleated micro-glass-fiber fleece, the pleats of which are kept at the proper distance from each other by HotMelt technology or by aluminum separators. HEPA/EPA filters are used in the following areas: microelectronics, semiconductor production, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, microbiology, medicine, the food and beverage industries, and in applications as backup filters downstream of dust extractors.


    MICROPUR, Filter class E11

    MICROPUR–F The packages of folds are cast in a frame with polyurethane so as to be airtight.
    MICROPUR–FV The packages of folds are cast so as to be airtight in a U-shaped profile. They have a V-shaped arrangement.

    MACROPUR, Filter class H13

    MACROPUR For stabilization, these filters use wave-shaped aluminum separators instead of synthetic threads.

    HEPA Filter V-shape, Filter classes H11 & H13

    MACROPUR–F The package of folds is cast with polyurethane in an MDF frame, so as to be airtight.
    MACROPUR–FV The packages of folds are cast airtight in U-shaped profiles, and are arranged in a V shape.

    MultiForm 101, Filter classes H13

    The filter elements are made of micro glass fibre fleece which is folded according to state-of-the-art hotmelt technology. The individual filter packs are cast into a formstable and break hindering ABS plastic-frame. The filter element MultiForm 101 has identical dimensions, as a conventional fine dust filter and are therefore ideal for an economic upgrade of an air handling system already operation. The filter element MultiForm 101 can, on request, be equipped with painted protection grids on the clean air side.
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